2018 Golf Channel Amtour Season

Discussion in 'Golf Channel Am Tour' started by President Gasman, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    Pretty stoked that we’ve got a Major on the books right in my back yard in April. Not excited at all about the repeat at Mission Hills though. Decent venue but they need to mix it up.

    Texas, Myrtle Beach or Florida would have been solid options.

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  2. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member


    A lot of the guys seems disappointed about Mission Hills again.

    They jacked up the prices for our local tournaments this year. 175 bucks for some courses that are borderline turd status

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  3. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    Sounds like the Golfweek Tour is starting to look more attractive.

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  4. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    It would if we had one out here.

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  5. butters

    butters Bald Eagle

    I might get dragged back into it since the GC is dropping the ball

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  6. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    Just renewed my membership this morning. I only plan to play a couple, but I couldn’t afford to let it run out and pay full price to sign up again.

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