Bad Etiquette Stories from Your Weekend

Discussion in 'Golf Rules and Etiquette' started by Recks, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Reed

    Reed Bomb Thrower

    I take it Gio bailed on the Snell?
  2. Gio

    Gio Guest

    No...I used them. Incredibly solid ball, but they still don't float.
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  3. BaldEagle

    BaldEagle Bald Eagle

    It gave me Vicodin
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  4. geneinnc

    geneinnc Well-Known Member

    I have grabbed my golf bag and walked to the clubhouse. I do not tolerate ass holes like that in life, much less on the course. It's always reward to tell the greens keeper the clown on 13 is the one that destroyed the fw on 10.

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  5. RUSSS


    If it were anyone else I would have walked away but I work with the guy lol
  6. Sydster

    Sydster Active Member

    If you weren't the unfortunate one stuck golfing with him "oh, there's that slice" might be one of the best lines ever.

    I'm saving that one for the next time I get paired up with a scratch golfer.

    Just when his 290 yard drive fades slightly right of the fairway 'oh, there's that slice again'...then we'll see what he's really made of as he tries to figure that 5hit out.

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  7. pmoa

    pmoa I'm thresh

    There was a pretty short par 4 this past weekend where Seth and I are walking in a massive bunker to the green. We heard a couple of balls fly over our heads.
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  8. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    And by short he means long knocker short.
  9. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

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  10. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    Interesting story today. Some of you know Diesel and Coach from prior RRCs, and Diesel was in town today. I met up with him and Coach after they'd finished 18 and we go out for another 9. We wrap it up and I continue on solo to the backside.

    We'd been following a twosome on the front, and waited a couple times on the first few holes but nothing terrible. Our pro joined us on the 4th and played the remainder of the front with us and we kept up with them.

    At the turn, they were walking off the 10 green as I approached my drive in the fairway. They were just leaving the tee of 11 as I was walking off the 10th green. I get to the tee box, shoot yardage, pull a club, and begin to wait. They're looking for a ball in bushes/water short left of the par 3 green. After about 2 minutes, one waves me on and hit my tee shot.

    Walk down to my ball while one pitches up, play my chip, the other drops and pitches on while I'm grabbing my putter. I proceed to putt out and say "thanks guys, be our of your way shortly". This was where it got weird.

    The older gentleman, who had lost the ball and wasn't the one that waved me up, says "we'll probably hop in front since you're walking and we're riding". I really didn't know how to respond at the idiotic words I just heard come out of his mouth so I simply said "ok, good luck".

    I walked to the tee, hit my drive, walked halfway to my ball before they got to their tee, hit my approach and left them in the dust. True story, I played through another 4some two holes later and had clear sailing. I finished the back, played 1 and 9, loaded up the clubs and they were in 17 fairway as I was leaving the course. 3.5 holes back.
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  11. RUSSS


    Motherfuck those ************s!
  12. RUSSS


    Played with a couple of buddies I used to work with. One guy Jerry I play with all the time and he can hit a long tee shot but sucks at everything else. The other guy Marty was the first time I've played with him and he's horrible at golf. I'm making pars and bogeys while these guys are triple or worse on every hole. The only thing I hear out of Marty's mouth was how much of an awesome golfer Jerry is. Lol. I'm like wtf? Are you serious?
  13. threshold350

    threshold350 resident dickhead

    Drive fo sho

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  14. RUSSS


    A ho fo sho
  15. DJpRick

    DJpRick Active Member

    I had a great etiquette run-in back in March. It was a warm Saturday, almost 70 degrees and the tee sheet was full. We were getting around ok time wise, but waiting on every shot which makes it seem slower. We get to 15, a par 3 and we see the threesome ahead of us has 3 balls on the green, two guys putting and one guy sitting in the cart taking in his phone. The two guys putt out and the third is still on his phone. My buddy Mike has a little less patience than me and after waiting a while longer and the group behind us pulling up to the tee, he yells, "Are you going to putt or talk on your phone?" The third guy goes and picks up his ball and they head to the next tee.

    We finish the hole and head to the next tee, which is near the clubhouse. My buddy goes in to get a beer and I sit in my cart waiting. The phone guy is still talking on his phone. When he finishes he yells at us, "What's the hurry, not like we are going anywhere?" Since Mike is still the clubhouse I reply, "That's golf ettitquette, seems rude to make 6 people watch you talk on your phone, instead of putting and freeing up the green." This doesn't go over well, and he yells, "I'll play you for your f**king house!" I was tempted to respond that I'd do it if he threw in his skank wife, but instead I told him to lighten up. It is March and he is playing golf.

    I wasn't happy to fight my friend's battle for him.
  16. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    I hate douches like that. They dont realize that one guy like that every half hour or so is what causes all these crazy wait times between shots

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  17. RUSSS


    I would have pants him

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