Boss Hog's 2017 GC Am Tour Thread

Discussion in 'Golf Channel Am Tour' started by Boss Hog, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    Tough luck BH, you'll get them next time.

    Guys, I'm worried that BH has shot his load too early this season and has nothing left in the tank for Nationals. Do we need to put him out to pasture?
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  2. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    It was one of the greatest runs in the history of the Amtour. It had to come to an end sometime

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  3. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    It kind of reminds me of a Tiger comeback at this point. Pick one. It's so sad to watch.
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  4. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    Stick a fork in him...he's done!
  5. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    I've had a little more time to dissect the round this weekend...

    Front 9


    This course doesn't have a range on it so you have to hit the practice facility that is about 15 minutes away. Because I had an 8:45 AM tee time I knew it'd be tight if I tried to get over there. Unfortunately, I woke up to lightning in the area, which closed down the range so I walked on to the first tee having swung nothing more than my Orange Whip. Nevertheless I hit a pretty solid 3W just a tad right into the rough. Had a PW in but caught it a little high on the face and I caught the greenside bunker but was pin high. Blasted out but it ran past the hole about 15 feet (it was all downhill). Then drained a left-to-right breaker for the sand save. Nice start.

    2nd hole is a downhill 150 yard par 3 that has zero trouble unless you go long into the wooded area (hazard). I hit a smooth 9 iron and flex the green by 10 yards. Actually thought it was in the hazard but got lucky. Pitched up but the green again sloped downhill from where I was so my 2nd ran onto the fringe. Horrible putt from the fringe left me too much coming in so I had to settle for the double bogey.

    Played great on the rest of the front except for #6. This is a short par 4 (around 320 yards) but the fairway is a little tight with OB left and it drops down from the tee box then considerably uphill from the fairway, so you always have a semi-blind uphill approach shot into a 2-tier green. Again I left the 3 wood out a tad to the right (usually draws for me) but I picked up my tee thinking it was still going to catch the right side fairway or at worst the edge of the rough. One thing to note is the right side of the fairway drops off hard into a wooded/hazard area. My ball either hit something or just caught the slope because it shot straight right. Now my only shot is to either pitch backward onto the fairway (in hindsight I should have done this) or try and blast a PW through the leaves of a low-hanging limb toward the front of the green. I tried the latter and the ball popped straight up and landed in the long fescue inside the hazard. I had a blind shot into the green and thought I was aiming there. Made amazingly good contact given the buried lie and felt pretty good. That is until I saw it landed in the back lip of the left bunker buried 3/4 of the way in the sand. I had zero stance and all I could do was unbury it. Knocked my next one up onto the green and 2-putted.

    The blue dot is where my tee shot landed and it kicked straight right from there...


    Back 9


    Hole 11 is a pretty easy Par 4 that only plays around 340(ish) with a dogleg left. I had a wind behind me but it was coming off the left a little bit. Tried to hit a draw and it went dead straight instead, got into the wind and carried it 270 yards into the hazard.

    Blue is my intended line. Red is my actual line.


    I'll skip over Hole 13 for the moment.

    Hole 15 was a stupid 3-putt because I left myself too much on the green. 17 was my fault...lost my focus on a pitch shot, hit it fat then 3 putted again. 18 is a 170 yard par 3 and I got out of position on the left fringe leaving an uphill putt that I again left short.

    I can live with those as I think they were minor mistakes, but Hole 13 was a complete sh!t show.

    It's a 330 yard par 4 that is technically the 3rd easiest hole on the course but requires a forced lay up because of this concrete water runoff ditch. It's OB left and right with no rough and the fairway is only 90 feet wide at the widest spot. So you have to hit a 4 iron or hybrid dead straight off the tee to set up for a short iron or wedge into a pretty easy green.

    I've always made par or better on this hole...always. Just lost my focus, pushed my hybrid a little right and it landed 6 inches past the OB stake. Hit a provisional that hooked OB left. From there it was a complete mental breakdown that led to not only carding a 10 but costing me the tournament.


    One poor decision and a couple lapses in focus cost me dearly this weekend. I was hitting the ball really well, putting was easily the best I've seen all year (aside from a couple stupid lags from the fringe) and though the FIR numbers won't show it I was driving the ball possibly the best I have in a long time.

    Got to tighten up my short game a bit and really work on my mental game. As soon as I got to the #14 tee box I was totally fine. The previous hole was gone and out of my memory, but I got so caught up and frustrated in the moment that I just couldn't move forward so I need to work on that.

    2 more tournaments before Nationals. My goal is to shoot below 85 because that is what it's going to take at Nationals if I want to make any kind of run.
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  6. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    Next event is this coming Saturday and it's where it all began back in 2013. My very first GCAT event was played on this track and I left some shots out there so it's time to get some revenge.

    Had a nice range session last night, working on 50 and 100 yard pitch shots and accuracy with the 8-iron from 150 yards. Also hit 5 balls with the Epic and the bad driving day I had last week in the Pro Am was apparently a one-time ordeal because I was blistering the ball last night. My focus last night was slowing down and getting really synced up with my tempo and really focusing on not over-swinging.

    Goal for this weekend is to shoot 85 or better. If I'm going to have any chance at Nationals I need to shoot 83 every round so that's my mindset from here out. Just two more events and I'm off for the entire month of August to get dialed in.
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  7. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    You got this BH! I expect a round below 80!
  8. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    Which flight are you in BH?

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  9. RUSSS


    Red eye
  10. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    I just moved down to Sarazen.

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  11. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    Is that the one up from Jones?
  12. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall


    Jones (16 to 19.9 HC)
    Sarazen (12 to 15.9 HC)

    My tournament index is at 15.8 right now which is tough because I'm effectively giving up 3 shots to guys on the lower end of the flight. Most guys in the local flights are pretty much in line with me but there is a guy I'm playing with this weekend who just had his index jump from 12.6 to 14.0 because a really low score dropped off so I'm gonna have to rip his dick off this weekend and show him what's up.

    The challenge will be when I arrive at Nationals, though, because there will be legit 12 handicaps in the flight who will shoot low to mid 80's every round. That's gonna take some work to try and beat that, but I figure if I can shoot at least 85 every round that puts me inside the top 10 easily, which is what my goal is in September. I shot 86-86 at the Orlando major and that was not my best effort so I believe I can do it.
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  13. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to my world BH. Nationals will take our best play of the year for four straight days to compete.
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  14. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    I'm off at 1:18 PM on Saturday. Kind of late in the day but that should help us dodge some rain that is supposed to come through tomorrow and early morning Saturday.

    Because the field isn't yuge the TD combined Open and Senior flights so we are only playing off 5800 yards. Not even sure I'll take driver out once. Should make for a nice scoring round but I'd much rather play up around 6300 yards to get prepped for Nationals.
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  15. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    Introduce yourself to the old dudes and then rip their dicks off!
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  16. Coolbreeze

    Coolbreeze GTG BABY! Staff Member

    Ya! and lick their bh's Dan says!
  17. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    I'm not playing with the old guys, just from their tee box. I'm paired with probably the only guy in Sarazen who can challenge me and he'll be getting an introduction like this on the first tee...

  18. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    That is an interesting strategy
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  19. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    Rip some dick BH! Dont get teased into the short yardages tho, play your game.
  20. Boss Hog

    Boss Hog #GetMyBall

    I've played from that kind of yardage before and I hit something like 75% of fairways that day and over 50% of GIR. I love my 3 wood so that will be my weapon off pretty much every par 4 and par 5.
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