Dents crazy self swing analysis.

Discussion in 'Swing Help' started by Dent, Jul 5, 2015.

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    It all depends on the shot you're trying to hit, pointing left for a cut, right for a draw, and square for a straight ball. But it's always the same line from your feet to your shoulders. It appears in the video, even if you were setting up for a cut, you didn't have the feet/knees/hips/shoulders all aligned.
  2. Dent

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    I definitely wasn't. I'm always trying to hit a straight ball. Could this be altering my swing path? I think my biggest issues start right from the setup. Video looks like I'm reaching and I always have a hell of a time trying to square up before a shot.
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    Get lessons dammit!
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    It's too late in the season for that!
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    Get a bj!
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