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    Fellas, 2017 was a rough season, had some highs and lows. This season I've been more focused, driven and determined to get back in shape, work on the golf swing and get ready for 2018 with purpose. I plan on making (more than just) a run in the same tourneys this season as last season. I'm still deciding on whether I want to join the MGA, but for now, just the NJSGA events are on my schedule (the MGA events are later in the year anyway).

    NJSGA Events:

    1) 35th Mid-Amateur Championship (June 5-7 @ Bedens Brook Club, NJ); Qualifier to be held @ Hawk Pointe GC (NJ) on May 23 **SIGNED UP FOR 2/20/2018**

    2) 117th Amateur Championship (July 10-12 @ Echo Lake CC, NJ); Qualifier to be held @ Forsgate CC (Banks Course) (NJ) on June 7

    3) 98th Open Championship (July 24-26 @ Montclair GC, NJ); Qualifier to be held @ Mendham G&TC (NJ) on June 25

    MGA Events:


    PREP: focusing more on stretching/plyo/balance in the gym, hitting balls, practice rounds, etc.

    GOAL: shoot 74 or better in every Qualifier; Maintain a handicap under scratch; have at least 5 rounds in the 60's prior to qualifiers (from tips); get FIR % over 70%; get GIR % over 60%; keep putting stats under 29 putts/rd


    *pics to come*
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    Go get em Gio!
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    I have a positive outlook on 2018 for a few reasons --

    - I have a few more competitive rounds under my belt and i'm getting used to competitive golf
    - I've played and know members at Hawk Pointe and Forsgate, so practice rounds will not be hard to come by.
    - I've played hawk pointe in the past and played it very well (course is straight forward, only 2 blind shots on the course, plenty of doglegs you can cut off)
    - I'm fitter than I've been in a very long time
    - The swing changes I've been working on are starting to reap rewards with regards to consistency
    - My bag is for the most part, figured out. I may tweak the shaft in the 3w, but otherwise the 3udi, irons, wedges and putter are exactly how i want them (feels weird to say that)
    - Been working on my mental game as well since it's been too snowy to do much of anything else. I keep a journal (similar to what Rotella describes in his books) jotting down positive thoughts about my game, shots i've made, and general descriptions of shots i've had in the past that were positive. All to foster positive results on course.
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    oh yea, and we dont' putt on bermuda!!!
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