New Rules: Penalty assessments

Discussion in 'Golf Rules and Etiquette' started by The Wahoo, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Was watching TGC Morning Drive (much better than watching the news), they reported that the R&A, the USGA and all the tours have agreed to some rule changes regarding the assessment of penalties. TV viewer input will no longer be accepted regarding potential rule violations. Instead a rules official will be watching videos in real time. A rules violation will continue to have a 2 stroke penalty, but unless intentional, the additional 2 strokes for an incorrect score will not be assessed. For example, Lexi would have received only a 2 stroke penalty at the ANA. However, a penalty assessed for play on a Thursday, for example, can be assessed on Sunday.

    Personally, I think its about time.
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  2. Coolbreeze

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    I like this change but I still think its unfair. Not every player is on tv all the time, so only the higher profile players and tournament leaders will get these penalties. Its more likely the guy who is 1 off the cut might do something suspicious than the guy leading the tournament, or DJ who has a ton of fans around him.
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