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Discussion in 'Putter Talk' started by OEM Kevin, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. belbs

    belbs Bald Eagle

    Nope - I just don't know if it would benefit me that much.

    Lets face it, I am still hitting a driver from 2011, I am playing a putter made in 1993...irons are 4 years old, Hybrid from 2011 - guess I am just cheap
  2. dan

    dan Moderator Staff Member

    This bag is thresh approved
  3. Vice President JLit

    Vice President JLit Moderator Staff Member

    It's hard to dent a putter. And a dent-proof club is priceless.
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  4. "Almost" Gio

    "Almost" Gio Big Dick

    no belbs. you're a bamf. no one could hit a driver from 2011 as far as you, no one can miss as many putts as you --

    lol i wouldn't play alt shot with anyone else.
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