What Golf Stuff Arrived Today?

Discussion in 'Clubs, Balls, and Accessories' started by OEM Kevin, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. "Almost" Gio

    "Almost" Gio Big Dick

    lol if i'm spending that money and it's not a memorabilia piece...that motherf'er is getting GAMED.
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  2. OEM Kevin

    OEM Kevin #HOF Staff Member

    Well, my second pair of Adidas Crossknit Boost USA's have arrived at the UPS Store and are waiting to be picked up. These seem to be spot on for sizing whereas the Boost 360's run small.
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  3. dan

    dan Moderator Staff Member

    UPS Store, veteran move OEM Kevin
  4. OEM Kevin

    OEM Kevin #HOF Staff Member

    I can put my big girl panties on and just send stuff to the house but why invite the barrage of questions. UPS Store FTW!
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  5. OEM Kevin

    OEM Kevin #HOF Staff Member

    Sort of golf stuff


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  6. RUSSS


    BOING! This came in Friday and I forgot to post it. Thanks to Belbs for this beauty

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