What Went Write, What Went Wrong - Talk about your Round Here!

Discussion in 'Golf' started by Kmac, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Nature Boy Jlit

    Nature Boy Jlit Moderator Staff Member

    You have every one on the forum besides chynky hitting dents now. And only because he doesn't take more than 1/4 swings in his living room.
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  2. Dent

    Dent Phil

    We're all getting it out of our system! Chynky is f**ked!
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  3. dan

    dan Moderator Staff Member

    No dents today for me! Take that golf juju!
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  4. Paulo

    Paulo Regular flex

    What went wrong - just about everything. I'm in a bad patch of form. My tee game was left all day. My distance control with my irons wasn't good. My short game was too aggressive and my putting was just below average. Got to keep grinding.
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  5. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    Well since Paulo bumped it I'm going to pontificate about my round really just for my own thought process. Try to get my mind better at golf and help my scores, maybe.

    What went write was the putting, again. My last two round with the O-Works have been 31 and 32 putts total and 1.7 putts per hole. The last two round with the Spider Tour were both over 40 putts and over 2 per hole. Happy with putting even though I still need to fine tune it and get even lower.

    What went wrong? Tee game was all over the place again. Hit 6 FW's with 31% missed left and 23% right. Good thing was most were not huge misses and the 3w/5w Cobra's were very good again. 3 of the stupid penisalties were with irons in my hand, WTF! On 1 I hit a perfect 5W to wedge range. Chunked it short. Then bladed my SW across the green and into the woods. Total blocked 6 iron into the pond on a par 3. Then on the #1 HCP hole I hit a good drive leaving a 7 iron into the green that I yanked left into the pond. wtf I need to fix that sh!t.
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  6. Dent

    Dent Phil

    That's some mental demons right there.
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  7. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    No Dents tho
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  8. Dent

    Dent Phil

    I think I'd take a consistent dent over a chunk, blade, short, skull in a round. That's a lot of all over the place/
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  9. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    Not me. All those other fixes are pretty simple. Just dont do it. The Dent resist every thing you try to fix it resulting in even worse the Dents.
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  10. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    Did we officially change the name of The Lateral?
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  11. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    Dammit Ben! Get on my dick!
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  12. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    oh my!
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  13. President Gasman

    President Gasman Hi! Staff Member

    Thats not even a good edit Kmac!
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  14. Kmac

    Kmac #HOF Staff Member

    It was simple and to the point!
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  15. RUSSS


    The dents
  16. pmoa

    pmoa I'm thresh

    f**king Mizuno wedges with the DG shaft is too heavy for me. I sliced the f**k out of a couple this morning
  17. Jdog

    Jdog Freezing my golf balls off

    Time to left some weights bro

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  18. threshold350

    threshold350 resident dickhead

    I love how heavy the S5's are.

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  19. butters

    butters Bald Eagle

    The PNW has turned you into a pussy.

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  20. pmoa

    pmoa I'm thresh

    I put the MD2's back in the bag
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